Arindam Adhikary

Arindom Adhikary, founder member of SRIJAN, is a professional photographer and mostly keeps engaged by his professional field. But whenever he got a scope of  roaming beyond, he is no less enthusiastic in pursuing his passion of outdoor photography which is his hobby and always made his mark of talent. His works have been recognized many times in different national and international photo contests/salons, viz., Gujarat Lalit Kala Academy Photo Contest, etc. He was also awarded second prize in WiebeTech Photo Contest for his significant work “Secret Talk”.

Arun Kumar Biswas

Arun Kumar Biswas is an ex employee attached to BSNL. During his service life, he has always been very passionate about photography. After retirement, he is now much more serious about his passion. A very enthusiastic amateur photographer who is always ready to go out for any festive or other event or on a photographic tour. His works have brought him many acceptances and honours in many national and international photographic salons/contests.

Avijit Bhakta

Avijit Bhakta is a freelance professional photographer working in all sort of event  photography for long and at the same time he maintains his passion for outdoor pictorials. He has a good number of awards and acceptances in various national and international photography contests/salons.

Awards :   Second prize in Kodak Candid Moment Contest by Smart Photography Magazine in 2009.

First prize in “Beautiful Bengal” contest by Bengal Chamber of Commerce and The   Statesman in 2010.

Second prize in ‘Kolo’ International Photo Contest in 2010.

First prize in ‘Savewater’ International Photo Contest in 2010.

Avijit Neogy

Avijit Neogy is the Librarian of a renowned north Kolkata school by occupation and an amateur photographer by passion. He is a very keen pursuer of his passion of photography for quite a few years that made him remained closely associated with SRIJAN almost since its inception. He participated quite successfully in many national and international photo salons/contests.

Debabrata Bose

Photography, for him, is not just a four- syllable word, but a passionate endeavour of capturing moments.

Having visited the labyrinthine lanes of Photography since the late 90’s, he has ultimately found his calling in seizing enraptured moments of Wedding Bliss.

Both his profession and passion, Photography has always remained his closest companion, which he has nurtured since his youth. Works by him found acceptance in various International Salons.

Debasis Majumder

Debasis Majumder, is a physiotherapist by profession and a photographer by heart. For last 20 years he is an amateur photographer pursuing various events, festive, religious and all others, where the key point is people. He loves people photography. As a result of his long persuasion with love he always achieved good positions in national and international photo contests, viz., Nomination Award in Humanity Photo Awards, China in 2011. He is one of the founder members of SRIJAN.

Gautam Basu

Gautam Basu is an amateur photographer for long. Particularly after  voluntary retirement from his Bank service in 2006, he could take his passion more seriously. Still loves the same way he used to much earlier, to go to a photography outing anywhere. In course of his photographic  journey, he received some photographic awards  –

Commendation Award in National Contest, 2008  of Photo Division, Govt. of India, 2nd Prize in National Tribal Photo Contest, 2010 of Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Photo Division, Govt. of India,  M.I.L.K. award of PQ Blackwell, New Zealand, an award in Levori Photo Contest, USA,  one of the Top Ten Winners of Winsoft International Photo Contest, High commemdation in CIWEM Photo Contest, High Commendation in Interphoto, Italy, Finalist  in Lonely Planet Photo Contest, Commendation Award in photo contest by the newspaper “Ei Samay”  of Kolkata, Performance Award from HPA 2015 (China), etc.

Gautam Bhaumik

Gautam Bhaumik is a professional photographer working in all sorts of event photography. But whenever he got a scope of going beyond his professional field, he never lost it. The hobbyist photographer that resides deep inside his mind drives him time to time to reach out and the results of such  outings brought his many acceptances and honours in various national and  international photographic Salons/Contests.

Joydeep Mukherjee

Joydeep Mukherjee is an IT professional by occupation. Photography is his passion. He loves to click people, street and travel photography subjects.

Got 1st prize in monochrome section in the contest held by Indian statistical institute ( Thru da lens ).

Koshal Basu

Koshal Basu was born in North Kolkata in early 60s.By profession he is an employee of Indian Railways. His passion for photography was started from his early boyhood days. He received his basic formal training in photography from Photographic Association of Dum Dum in1991-92. With passing of time, this journey with photography made his passion stronger. Wildlife became his main genre of photography. He participated in many national and international salons and achieve several awards. His photos have been exhibited in more than thirty countries. His AFIAP distinction from Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique came in the year 2016 and then FFIP distinction from Federation of Indian Photography in 2017. He was listed in Top Nature (Digital) Exhibitors in Whos Who list of Photographic Society of America in 2016 and still going on receiving accolades from various corners of photographic world. He is a certified photo analyzer from Photographic Society of America. He also shoulders the responsibility of juror in national and international salons.

Prasanta Kumar Das

Prasanta Kumar Das is a pretty senior photographer of film days and winner of National Awards more than once in the photo contests conducted by Photo Division, Govt. of India. Besides, he has a huge number of collection of medals, certificates, plaques for awards in many national and international photo contests/salons. In professional field he was attached to Indian Railways, but always managed to nurture his passion for photography. He also did his diploma in photography from PAD.

Probal Paul

Probal Paul, by occupation, is an employee of Kolkata Municipal Corporation and a mountaineer and photographer by heart. He has been attached to mountaineering for pretty long time and also acts as a trainer of a renowned mountaineering Institute. Keeping frequently attached to nature attracted him to photography quite naturally. Never misses a chance for photographic outing and he participated in many national and international photo salons/contests successfully.

Sandip Dawn

Sandip Dawn, an artist with B.V.A from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata. He is a former Art Critic of Aajkaal daily newspaper and published many articles on Art and Modern Paintings in many Bengali magazines.

Now he is working as an Art Teacher at South Point School, Kolkata.

He had participated in many exhibitions like the State Academy of W.B., the annual shows of Birla Academy, Academy of Fine Arts, Gallery La Maier, etc.

Group shows at Kolkata, Delhi & Mumbai.

He had participated in Invited shows at Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai, Delhi Lalit Kala Academy, and many more.

His paintings are collected in India and abroad.

He has also a keen interest in photography which he practices with great enthusiasm.  He had always been energetic to have touched with Photo Walks, Seminars and Workshops, etc. He participated in many Photo Exhibitions, Salons, and competitions

Sourangshu Gupta

Sourangshu Gupta is senior teacher of a renowned north Kolkata school by occupation and a photo artist by heart. He is a very keen pursuer of his passion of photography for quite a few years which resulted in receiving so many accolades and honour for his works. Remaining closely associated with SRIJAN almost since inception, he participated quite successfully in many national and international photo salons/contests




Subhajit Sur

Subhajit Sur is a young Assistant Audit Officer in the service of Govt. of India by occupation and a serious photo enthusiast by passion. He mainly likes Travel Photography. So far he has got more than 100 acceptances in different national and international Salons and he is looking forward to achieve different FIP and FIAP distinctions. He also feels that he is indebted to some of the club members who showed him the path of success in different Club Salons and Contests.

Subir Gupta

Subir Gupta, one of the founder members of SRIJAN, is a senior government employee by occupation and a photo artist by heart, and a very knowledgeable theoretician in the field of photography. He is pursuing his passion for the last 20 years at least with intensive study and extensive shooting all over the country. Received many photographic awards and the top feather in his prize bag is the national award in the 3rd National Photography Awards of Govt. of India in 2016.

Subrata Bose

Subrata Bose is an avid amateur photographer. He prefers to photograph people in their social environment. He tries to portray their cultural heritage and background, their economic status, their daily livelihood and their religious practices. Participated in many national and international photo contests quite successfully.

Vivekananda Bhattacharjee

Vivekananda Bhattacharjee, founder member of SRIJAN, is a professional photographer since long. For last 25 years he has done commercial assignments with many renowned companies on various commercial assignments with pretty good success and satisfaction to his clients. Besides, he also works as a freelance event photographer and of course, does wedding photography with all latest trends.

Photography is his profession and it’s his passion as well. Beyond his professional field he loves to do outdoor photography which also he pursues pretty seriously, as a result of which he has achieved some awards and commendations in national and international photographic contests and salons.


Late Phanindra Nath Sarkar (2.2.1937- 4.4.2013) was a retired Govt. employee under Defence Ministry and a serious amateur photographer till his last days.

A Tribute and Memory:

With heavy hearts we must keep our Phanida, late Phanindra Nath Sarkar, with us in this introductory list of SRIJAN members as we still can’t think or believe that Phanida is no more with us. He was the eldest member of our club, but his age was not the reason he left us so soon. He was 76 and still full of energy, going in almost every outing of the club, far and near, alive and kicking, and just left us all on a sudden in April this year. Blood cancer tore him away, with so short a notice, from us and from his loving family who are also closely associated with the club.


Phanida completed his diploma in photography with Photographic Association of Dum Dum in 2006 when he was 69 and most of his batchmates were about half his age or even less and he chose a tough subject of “glassware photography” for his paper and cleared it through, which many of his bathmates could not. Such was his normal level of energy and tenacity. Besides he was a fine poet also. Every time we went out with him for a few days, a new poem on our outing had always been the gift to all after coming back. He also contributed regularly to the local literary magazines. He was in love with photography for many years and we had the opportunity to enrich ourselves by his experiences which he always shared freely. He participated in many photo salons/contests quite successfully.


Rahul Bhaumik is the youngest member of SRIJAN. Inspired by the photographic prowess of his father Gautam Bhaumik, who is a professional photographer and also a member of SRIJAN as well, Rahul took up his
camera at a very early age. He is college student, busy mainly with his studies, still whenever time permits, he goes out with his camera in search of some new frames. He is mainly interested in the genre of people, street, festivals, travel, etc. He also participated in some photo contests and have some acceptances in his bag.